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This summer I spent 37 days, logged over 400 miles and took 792,000 steps on my walk from Eastern Oregon to Portland.  I got to know Oregon in a very personal way that few will ever experience.  From Baker City to Oregon City I saw Oregonians struggling to cope with a stagnant economy while the news coming from Salem was politics as usual.

I am running for Governor of our great state to lead us out of the same old tired politics of the past 25 years.  Unlike what one of my opponents famously said, I am running because I believe that Oregon is governable. 
We talk a lot about sustainability in Oregon but are doing little about it. 

  1. It is not sustainable that while Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation – we are raising taxes.
  2. It is not sustainable that as the world sprints ahead of our educational system, our children are relegated to the intellectual bench.
  3. It is not sustainable that hard work with your hands is being replaced by hand-outs and hay bales are replaced with bail-outs.
  4. It is not sustainable that as we argue about enhancing our environment, our forests are tinderboxes and we continue to burn fossils as if the price will never rise and the flame will never extinguish.

Oregonians I am asking you to join with me to bring a new perspective to Salem to make our government accountable and sustainable.  But it takes more than me. It takes a community of Republicans, Independents, Democrats, workers, and managers - people who know how to create careers and compete in a global economy to step forward and get involved.  Are you willing to help?

Please explore our website and get involved.You can make a difference. Let's work together to build a sustainable, prosperous future for all Oregonians.

Allen Alley
Allen Alley